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Submission Guidelines

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Ransom Note Press accepts manuscript proposals only via email.

We publish only novels of mystery and suspense. Please do not send proposals for any other type of work. Works should be novel length. On occasion we will consider short-story collections.

We are interested only in novels that offer gripping story lines and well-executed plots.  In general, we prefer novels in which the author has attempted to do something different, to explore new ground, though we do enjoy traditional mysteries with well-conceived characters.  We do not publish mysteries with pet detectives or humorous mysteries.  

To query our editors, please adhere to the following guidelines:


1. Provide a 2-3 pagragraph synopsis of the book's plot, along with brief biographical information about yourself and (if applicable) your publishing history.

2. Cut and paste the first 25 pages of your manuscript into the body of the email. Please do NOT attach any files. In these days of viruses and malware, we automatically delete all emails with attachments.

3. Send your submission to editorial AT ransomnotepress DOT com.

4. Our response time is usually about 4 weeks.