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The Ocelot Chronicles
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by Steven Rigolosi
c. 2016 
"If you love someone, give her an ocelot. In the likely event that no ocelots are available for purchase, you may need to liberate one from captivity." Thus begins THE OCELOT CHRONICLES, the new novella by the author of The Outsmarting of Criminals, which Oprah's editors chose as a Top Pick in Fall 2014.

New York City schoolteacher Ethan Dawes, kind of heart and generous of spirit, finds himself consoling his colleague (and secret crush) Ginger. The loss of Ginger's beloved cat, Louie, has left her bereft, and Ethan cannot stand to see his friend suffering. What better way to bring light back into Ginger's life than to find a replacement for Louie? After a fruitless search of animal shelters and cat-rescue Websites, Ethan is ready to admit defeat--until he finds the perfect pet for Ginger, a ringer for the dearly departed Louie. Unfortunately, the cat is an ocelot living happily and peacefully at the Bronx Zoo. Events conspire to convince Ethan that liberating Pumpkin the ocelot from the zoo would be the best outcome for all concerned. Will Ethan's daring plot to infiltrate the ocelot pen at night meet with success? And if Ethan succeeds, what exactly will he do with a kidnapped ocelot when the intended recipient leaves town unexpectedly?

Filled with lovable characters and the warm-hearted humor that brought The Outsmarting of Criminalslegions of fans, THE OCELOT CHRONICLES is a witty, offbeat romance-caper that proves that chivalry is not dead, just misguided.