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by Steven Rigolosi


#1: Who Gets the Apartment?


Available Now


#2: Circle of Assassins


Available April 2007


#3: Androgynous Murder House Party

Available June 15, 2009


#4: Three Women


Coming in 2012

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind the advertisements in your local newspaper--those ads for fetish parties, discount psychotherapy, Gothic/Punk events, and lonelyhearts seeking to re-establish contact with a ship that passed in the night?

Each book in the Tales from the Back Page series goes behind the scenes of an ad placed on the "Bulletin Board" of The Clarion, a community newspaper published on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

In Volume 1, Who Gets the Apartment?, a con artists dupes four young Manhattanies, renting them a luxurious penthouse (that he doesn't own) for an impossibly low price. 

In Volume 2, Circle of Assassins, five disgruntled New Yorkers find themselves manipulated into murder by a criminal mastermind.

In Volume 3, Androgynous Murder House Party, six friends gather for a holiday weekend at the Long Island estate of independently wealthy snob Robin Anders. As near-deadly accidents and mishaps mount, Robin is faced with the possibility that one of the six may be plotting murder most foul. But a larger question looms in the air: Are Robin, Lee, Alex, Chris, Law, and J men or women?

Volume 4, Three Women, tells the story of three very different women living independently in New York City whose paths cross in unexpected ways following a crime that affects all of them.